Dominican Republic food dishes | Mama Juana

Dominican Republic next on my cook round the world challenge and I almost forgot about this tasty concoction I had the other day in the Bierhaus Galway.

Mama Juana (or Mamajuana) a spiced alcoholic beverage made by infusing a mixture of rum, red wine, and honey with tree bark and herbs.’

Nice, I tasted a Malbec-y side of the tongue thing. Bit Drambuie-y as well.

Listen, I didn’t cook this. The Bierhaus did. And it was a drink.
Is that cheating on the project?
Mrs Wee Shed said it was.

I don’t think so, this is more about tasting things from different countries and learning a bit. If there was a Central African Republic restaurant in Galway I’d be happy to eat there rather than make it myself