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about me

I’m Dave and once upon a time I lived in a house with a wee shed. I was going to use it to make some art but it was too cold, damp and smelly to do anything in. So I decided to work in the house but kept the name. Ever since I started I’ve […]

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‘Normal’ Maps

When I say ‘normal’ maps I mean maps marked with physical landmarks, towns and villages, rivers, mountain ranges, loughs and other features. To be honest I have no real interest in making detailed and intricate maps that will be reproduced over and over again. Instead these maps are more meant to be simple, colourful and

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Word Art Maps

These are just some examples of the hand made word art maps I’ve painted over the years. It mainly started off as a way for me to discover a bit more about the world, and to add a bit of order to things. I also like to make something that will add a bit of

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I'll be away on holidays from The Wee Shed until the 21nd May '24 so any orders received between now and then will be posted on the 22nd May.