Custom Map Art


A hand painted map of wherever you’d like in whatever size you’d like.

Maybe a road trip you did one summer?
A region of coastline you love?
Your favourite country?
A Mediterranean island?
A map of Breweries or wine regions?

It’s up to you!

I paint all of my maps by hand using watercolour and acrylic paint.
I like doing this as I prefer seeing the texture and brush strokes, plus I think the maps come out extra vibrant and colourful.

I’ve put up some example of maps I’ve made before and could do again.

(If you want to see more examples copy this link to my website and click on the tags:- )

The maps can be any size really, common ones are 20 x 25cm, 30 x 40cm, 40 x 50cm, 91 x 61cm. A3 is good as well.

Also some maps will look better at some sizes than others due to the weird shapes of places i.e. Chile

I can title the map with whatever you’d like…’Our Honeymoon’, ‘Provence Trip 2007’, ‘Surf Trip Scotland’. Again the only consideration would be if there is room for it.

Price wise it’s best to get in touch or send me a custom request, it all depends on things like size and how much detail so it’s hard to give a figure . Things that go in tubes cost more for postage etc.
I put it at €100 but it might be much less than that.

Thanks for having a look!


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