New Year, New You? Not Really.

I’m tired already and we’re only on *checks notes* day 6 of 2024.

Of course we’re all in the same boat. Bloated from eating and drinking over the festive season, perhaps tired from seeing friends and family, perhaps feeling under the weather (like me) after picking up a cold or just fed up with the rain and damp and dark nights.

And if you’re trying to make and then sell art it feels like time to get back into it, to somehow make it work this year and come up with something fresh that says something that maybe someone will buy.

I don’t know how to connect with people anymore, in my head I want to take my time making things but the internet game, especially social media in it’s current form doesn’t let you take you’re time. It’s a world of snappy Tiktoks and things I don’t understand (and don’t want to understand either!).

So although part of me is excited about making art and music, maybe a bigger part feels hopeless and like I’ve reached a dead end. I feel like I gave it my best shot, but it’s not going to work out. Maybe there should be no surprise there as the vast majority of artists, musicians, writers never made a living from what their vocation or calling, or whatever way they’d describe voicing their ‘thing’.

So here’s to another year of working on this website, on SEO and trying to get found on search engines. On jumping through the Google hoops and wondering if I should join Tiktok or whatever is the new thing, or posting important notices on Instagram that will get shown to 90% of my followers while the unimportant ones will get shown to 30%.

Here’s to another year of this. ‘Meet the new boss, same as the old boss’ etc etc.