Lockdown Burnout

I am finding it so hard to make art, especially maps at the moment,

I think part of the reason is that somewhere in the last year or so I’ve associated making maps at home with the pandemic and lockdowns, which is maybe a bit ‘traumatic’?

I’m not sure if the word traumatic is overkill, but we’ve all been through more than we realise recently and maybe we’ve sort of forgotten?

in some way making maps was a coping mechanism as I was kept busy working, so didn’t mind not being able to get out and do stuff. I was sort of content.

But then the worm turned and feeling like I have to go into the room again for a few hours and make something is the last thing I want to do. Or at least not as easy to do

It feels like I’m in lockdown again *metaphorically* which makes it hard to feel creative.
I know we have to do stuff we don’t want but if I can’t get into the flow with art it drains away the joy and makes it feel like something I can’t do.

Sorry, bit of mental unpacking as I avoid the housework!