texsel greens

growing Texsel greens

texsel greens

These are texsel greens, I’ve been sort of been experimenting with different types of kale and greens and these are the fastest growing.

The slugs and snails seem less interested in this one, they’re definitely showing more interest in my Delaway cabbage.

The veg book I use says that they’re good for ‘Cut and Come Again’ but I want to see if I can grow them bigger some for some African friends. A lady from Zimbabwe seemed to recognise these so that’s good.

I’m going to sow loads more with closer spacing. Actually I should try eating them first to see if they taste OK!

( Reflections from late December. These seemed to do best early on April and May. I didn’t plant anymore later in the summer but think they’d do alright then as well. Joy Larkcom says in her book that they’re good for cut and come again so I’d maybe try them that way next time I grow them)