Algeria Traditional Food | Marcoude

‘Sephardi Jews in several countries have made potato omelette a speciality…my favorite is the classic marcoude of Algeria and Tunisia’

Claudia Roden, The Book of Jewish Food

Algeria next in the cook around the world project, and I went for this more obscure recipe from Claudia Roden as I had the ingredients at hand… all the ingredient except tumeric which was annoying as I think it would have brought something nice to the party.

Instead I tried some saffron and added too much. Wow. Never add too much saffron, especially out of date saffron from the back of the cupboard. This tasted awful. Like a swimming pool antiseptic taste.

Plus I might have had it in the oven too long, so it was dry as well as awful.

Maybe I should have given the mint tea a go instead?