Map of Donegal Ireland | place name meanings


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A hand drawn map of County Donegal, Ireland measuring 50 x 50cm (~20 x 20in).
It’s been done with black pigment ink on acid free paper with a little bit of watercolour paint and pencil marks showing through to give it a slightly worn and aged look.

I’m interested in the place name meanings of places as it helps me pick up a bit of Irish and a bit of Irish history along the way.
So this map has been marked with the English translation of the Irish names of towns and villages throughout Donegal.
For example, the Irish for Donegal is ‘Dún na nGall’ which means ‘fort of the foreigners’.
Or the Irish for Bruckless is ‘An Bhroclais’ which means ‘badger’s den’.

I’ll send the map rolled up in a postal tube.
The frame isn’t included.
‘Free’ shipping in Ireland.

If you live outside of Ireland or are wary using my website I can arrange to sell the map over on Etsy. Just let me know what and I’ll set the listing up for you to buy over there instead.

I also love making and painting maps as well so if you’re interested in getting something made please feel free to get in touch. Thanks for having a look!