Galway city street map


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This Galway city street map is based on some notes I took while dandering around the streets a few years ago.
I did it one day in the summer and made a map, then someone suggested doing the same thing on a different day to see what differences I noticed. So I did!

This version is a combination of the two. The notes might be fairly mundane, even boring things that caught my eye. Galway is a busy tourist town, but there are also people just getting on with their lives. Cutting their grass, walking the dog, leaving out the bins. So the map is supposed to be a reflection of those two things

The map is A3 sized (42cm x 29.7cm) and I’ve used good quality acrylic ink.

I’ll post it to you rolled up in a postal tube, free shipping in Ireland.

Thanks for having a look!


Dimensions40 × 50 cm

5 x 7in card, 8 x 10in print