Cork GAA and county map


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A map of Cork marked with various GAA clubs throughout the county. I’ve tried to get everything in the right place but if you spot something out of place let me know and I’ll try to correct it! (There are a lot of clubs around Cork city so it’s hard to get it all squeezed in)

It measures 50 x 70cm and has been hand painted with good quality acrylic paints and ink. You should be able to pick up a ready made frame that size from somewhere like IKEA if you want to frame it quickly.

I’ll send it to you rolled up in in a postal tube.
If you live outside of Ireland or are wary about buying an item on my website you can buy it over here on Etsy.

If you are interested I can also paint a few more versions of this map.
One marked with various towns and villages, another Irish language version and one with the translations of place names.

If you’ve any other questions or queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Thanks for having a look!

Clonakilty map | blue and white print

Map of Kinsale | blue and white A4 print

The Beara Peninsula







A4 print, A3 print

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