‘Normal’ Maps

When I say ‘normal’ maps I mean maps marked with physical landmarks, towns and villages, rivers, mountain ranges, loughs and other features.

To be honest I have no real interest in making detailed and intricate maps that will be reproduced over and over again. Instead these maps are more meant to be simple, colourful and unique …or at least scarce!

Here are some examples I’ve in case you are interested in getting something similar made

Plain Map

This is basically just a simple line map on some plaine white or painted paper. The idea behind painting the paper is to give it an aged look as I’ve never been able to track down sheets of aged paper!

Painted Traditional Map

Sometimes I try to paint a map the normal way. You know the score. Blue seas, green land, some blue lakes and that sort of thing.

I find these maps take a little longer to make than others due to wondering what colour of blue and green to use.

I think these traditional map colours make nice road trip map if you’re interested in having a journey you made recorded.

Painted Flag Map

These are maps where the colours have been inspired by colour associated with the area or place.
So for a country I might use colours of the national flag or for an Irish county the colours of the GAA flag.

I'm away from the The Wee Shed for a few days so any orders placed from the 19th - 21st June will posted the 24th Jun.