about me

I’m Dave and once upon a time I lived in a house with a wee shed. I was going to use it to make some art but it was too cold, damp and smelly to do anything in.

So I decided to work in the house but kept the name.

Ever since I started I’ve been trying to paint everything by hand. Paint brushes, pens, paints, paper and no printer. I love making maps, posters, doodling along to music with the headphones on, trying to learn more about the world and create something that somebody, somewhere will enjoy or appreciate.

During the last few years I got a bit sidetracked on the vision of making everything by hand. Things like the global pandemic, postal delays, Brexit, changes in customs, environmental concerns, trying to get found in world of constantly changing algorithms, packaging laws and more I decided to start selling some prints as well….but you know what?

It didn’t feel right, so now I’m trying to get away from the prints again

Anyway, this is probably a strange bio….

I'm away from the The Wee Shed for a few days so any orders placed from the 19th - 21st June will posted the 24th Jun.